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Having become aware of the massive amount of leftist brainwashing and political pressure that is exerted in western societies by SJWs, 3rd wave feminism, white knights, big companies and mainstream media.
I used to be a liberal but Google's and MSM's reactions to James Damore's Google-Memo have got me red pilled.
by _red_pilled_ August 30, 2017
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A pejorative term for Google because of their tightening censorship and search result manipulations, as well as their internal company policy which pretends to support free speech but actually fires employees that have deviating opinions.

'Goolag' is a reference to 'Gulag', which is a term for labor camps of the former Soviet Union in which many people were detained that had dared to criticize the system.
#1: Did you hear the news? Google really fired this poor guy because of suggesting to have more ideological diversity in the company.

#2: WTF?? Google is turning more and more into Goolag.
by _red_pilled_ August 9, 2017
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Having views that differ from brainwashed mainstream opinion.
#1: Did you already hear? Google has fired that engineer who argued there might be biological differences between men and women.

#2: Well, that's what happens when you indulge in wrongthink.
by _red_pilled_ August 30, 2017
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