11 definitions by dankm3m3rzz

A person making a statement to get a point across that gives them Reality or Internet clout.
Example 1: I have the latest iPhone!
Example 2: Jealous of my new 4K TV?... Its 120hz too!
Example 3: I went to a protest for (Insert political issue here)
Comeback: I do not care about your social signalling
by dankm3m3rzz May 25, 2021
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A cheap computer power supply that is likely to blow up in a few months
Guy 1: Check out this new power 1000W supply i got for $50
Guy 2: That's a great pop supply
by dankm3m3rzz March 17, 2021
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A mock term of the company google that is a derivative of gulag. It is often being used to describe google's censorship on their platforms such as YouTube and their other services. Censorship on google goes far as altering search results on google and banning certain links that don't fit their political narrative
Guy 1: Google just censored a link to some image-board
Guy 2: Google should just go ahead and change their name to goolag
by dankm3m3rzz June 4, 2018
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A term used by shitlibs to slander someone for saying something that the public doesn't already know without regardless of proof or doing their own research
Guy 1: Source? SOURCE? stupid Conspiracy Theorist!!!!1
Guy 2: Provides source, link gets censored and gets banned
Guy 1: I knew he woudnt reply
by dankm3m3rzz May 8, 2023
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A developer who is a liberal. They are most common in silicon valley
Example 1: This soydev works at Nintendo
Example 2: Soydevs are calling me a Nazi because hes video game is biased
by dankm3m3rzz May 1, 2019
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The alpha male who is fit for the job and is found to be attractive to most females. Chads are usually masculine and has ambition. They are despised by people who are known as Incels
by dankm3m3rzz March 29, 2020
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A common whataboutism that the left uses when they lose an argument
Conservative: Gas prices went up when biden got into office
Liberal: BuT YoU dId JaNUArY 6
Conservative: Not as violent as your daily BLM riots that had countless murders
by dankm3m3rzz July 8, 2022
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