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The place where kids at Nickelodeon theme parks go when they've been naughty. Kids are sent to do manual labour, which in turn keeps the park running. When a prisoner doesn't do their work on time, they're sprayed with goo until they start to work faster.
"Jimmy's been a bad boy, send him to the Goolag"
by washmybigjohn November 4, 2021
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A type of boyfriend whose sole existence is to please their partner. They usually have a permanent "model" stare in photos and videos on Instagram with very little expression. You'll see the girlfriend constantly posting on Instagram about how great their boyfriend is, to the point that you'll question whether the boyfriend's sole purpose is just to make his partner look good. The toy boyfriend has very little personality because they exist just to stroke the ego of their partner.
"Look at Garret, he's such a toy boyfriend! He barely says a word whenever we hang out, and is always texting his girlfriend."
by washmybigjohn November 4, 2021
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