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Is someone who is brilliant in search on Google for topics that is related to his interest, then copy it and paste it into his work and claims it is his own intellectual property.
Googlist is someone who searches Google; Copy what you find, paste it in your work, do not verify, claim it is your intellectual property
by Captain Beel August 28, 2018
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One who believes in Google.
Steve is a Googlist, and claims to have had numerous personal experiences communicating with Google.
by Ruhbee! October 14, 2007
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A person who conforms to Googlism
Eric: I don't why you're using Bing. Microsoft doesn't stand a chance with Google. "If it isn't Google, it isn't anything"

Angie: I can see that you are a hardcore Googlist.
by CopperWhopper67 January 24, 2015
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1. A person who is extremely talented at finding things on Google. They know all the search operators, how to modify any term to get the perfect result, and can generally find anything with twice the relevance in half the time.

2. A list of things one needs to search for (or has found) on Google. Usually capitalised in this sense.
1. "She's the unofficial googlist on the mailing list."

2. "Send me your Googlist and I'll see what I can find."
by Etymological July 19, 2005
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