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A phrase used when a statement one has previously made comes into question. This phrase can only be used when one is absolutely sure that the previous statement is factual. The "bitch" in question is the subject of the statement under question, which does not necessarily have to be female or canine.
"Did you know Coca-Cola originally had cocaine in it?"

"No way, that's an urban legend."

"Bullshit, Google that bitch."
by PohTayToez August 17, 2008
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When you have no idea on a certain subject or when you need to know a fact on something and a computer or mobile is in arms reach
"Dude, what is the name of that song about the annoying chick that parties all night"

"I dunno, Google that Bitch"
by DarkPuppy2386 November 21, 2009
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