3 definitions by paleface

1) Researcher of the lowest order; a person who uses google to accomplish most of their daily work, often a task performed for someone too busy, important or ignorant to run a google search themselves.

Synonyms: knowledge worker, journalist, fact checker

2) Low rent private detective

3) Back-handed complement of the same
1) Chief: Clarke, I need the phone number of a postal worker in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, last name of McFeeley.

Clarke: I'm on it chief.

Lois: Clarke don't you ever want to be more than just a Google Bitch?

3) Professor: What's the name of that company in Los Angeles that does that thing with that enzyme?

Grad Student: Uhh . . . Riocatalytics.

Professor: Thanks Google Bitch!
by paleface April 17, 2006
1) A shepherd of limited intelligence caring for creatures of a limited intelligence.

2) An insult in the Star Wars trilogy.

3)A 90's band catering to fans of obscure Star Wars trivia.
Jean calls herself an administrative assistant, but she's more like nerfherder.

Leia: You're nothing but a scruffy-looking nerfherder.
Solo: Who you calling scruffy-looking?
by paleface February 24, 2006
Overmanaging an outstanding creative talent in a way that drives them out of work,

Originating from Comedy Central Dave Chappelle drama
-Jimmy was an outstanding scientist; too bad he was chappelled out of school by Professor Horgan.

-Tiger Woods was about to be chappelled by his father til Tiger laid the smack down.
by paleface July 8, 2006