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A phrase used mainly by weed smokers. It refers to taking a break from smoking, or smoking less often, in an attempt to lower your tolerance to THC, and thus gain a better high each time you do smoke.
Yo man, I've been blazing up every day for a month, and it's just not the same anymore. I need to take a tolerance break.
by PohTayToez June 13, 2007

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MySpace's older brother that is just now hitting puberty.
"d00d, MySpace is so last month. Like, all of us MATURE people are on facebook, duh"
by PohTayToez April 26, 2007

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A phrase used when a statement one has previously made comes into question. This phrase can only be used when one is absolutely sure that the previous statement is factual. The "bitch" in question is the subject of the statement under question, which does not necessarily have to be female or canine.
"Did you know Coca-Cola originally had cocaine in it?"

"No way, that's an urban legend."

"Bullshit, Google that bitch."
by PohTayToez August 17, 2008

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The erect penis of a sleeping male. Such named because someone sleeping with said male may get repeated poked with said erect penis as the male moves in his sleep, resulting in a feeling of getting attacked by a very small shark.
Marten is such a restless sleeper... he kept me up all night with his boner shark.
by PohTayToez May 05, 2009

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1: Used to describe something that is fake. Can be a person, thing or act.

2: An image that has literally been drawn or edited with the program Adobe Photoshop
Dude, Jimmy is never sincere, he just tells you what you want to hear. He's so photoshopped.

Hey, those Air Jordans you got for $20 were cheap for a reason... they're totally photoshopped.

Clarissa told me she was happy that I had found someone else, but I could tell it was totally photoshopped.

Dude, I totally just photoshopped the heads of the Olsen twins' bodies onto some nude pictures.
by PohTayToez February 25, 2008

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A method of shooting a basketball. The shooter will start holding the basketball with both hands downward in front of their body with both arms extended. The shooter will then quickly raise the ball, keeping their arms extended, and release the ball before the arms become perpendicular to the body.

The shot is generally looked on to be performed by those with little basketball skill. The name is used in a derogatory manner implying that one shoots in a way that a grandmother would.
It's so funny when Jenna wants to play with us, because she always uses the granny shot.
by PohTayToez March 09, 2009

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Describes someone that is attracted only to men in red and white fuzzy suits, carrying bags of toys.
See that Mrs. Claus over there? I here she is so hohosexual.
by PohTayToez December 04, 2007

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