An unnecessary search engine powered by Yahoo!. Since both Yahoo! and Google search engines turn up the exact same results, it's a wonder why people are amazed at its power. They think it's some revolutionary search engine that isn't and never will be matched. Yet Yahoo! came first, and does the exact same shit. So Google definitely is nothing special.
Google = Yahoo!
by Trent August 17, 2003
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the bestest word in the whole world. dedicated to mackenzie, it means everything; your car, your girlfriend your boyfriend your computer, your desk, your dog, EVERYTHING....this is the word that will dominate the world, because, it is dedicated to mackenzie. hahaha
mackenzie has a case googles
by mack is chill April 20, 2005
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when spit gets stuck in your throat and you can still talk. aka like a bubble
i have a google in my throat.
by Kelly the Killa August 25, 2008
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To look for, to wonder around, to search online,
Hey bro im going to go google that new verizone phone.
by khongsawatwaga March 05, 2009
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1)n. The greatest way to waste time if you find yourself in one of the following scenarios:

-you have no friends

-you have friends that you dont want

-your life sucks
2)n. A way to entertain yourself if you are bored. using Google for entertainment purposes works best when you search "google" or "qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm"

3)n. A search engine that provides you with at least 5,000,000
results for your search term, and only 15% of these results will help you find/are what your looking for.

4)n. A waste of humanity.

5)n. An 85% INaccurate/useless search engine named for a number no human is willing to count to.

6)v. To use the above mentioned search engine
1. I just searched "google" on Google!

2.I don't know what a giraffe is. Let me google it.
by eric optimus prime cartman January 12, 2012
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the act of engaging in sexual intercourse with an exceptionally beautiful looking woman in which many people are trying to gain attention from. see bone,pork,plow
Yo, me and Shatoya totally googled last night.
Dude, I'd totally google that
Bro, I'll call you back, I'm googling a dime piece.
by T-Logg March 03, 2008
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The eye in the sky. The police, when something is suspicious and believed to be managed by the government.
That shit was so Google!
by Ck, Vincent Vega March 03, 2014
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