it’s giving means that something is cute or “giving
me: you like my outfit
person: yes its giving 😍
by jayyyroddddd May 4, 2021
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Only bad bitches use this slang.

It almost has the same sense than periodt or for the baddest out here purr.
*Bestie tells a story...*
Answer : "Purr, its giving pretty much ugh vibes!"
by m0esh9 November 22, 2021
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Used to define an action that's really unique or amazing (says when is impressed with something you do)
*Does something to impress somebody* Omg its Giving!
by Altssq November 15, 2021
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A term gays use to describe someone being a bozo
When demarcus cousins pulls up on someone and records them and someone gay says “its giving bozo
by December 13, 2021
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famous singer shawn mendes once said “its giving cher” and now some presume he is a little 💅🏻 it is another word for the nails emoji which many use as a synonym to label someone as gay
*sees a fruity tiktok of a straight presenting person* “its giving cher.”
by that ginger girl October 1, 2021
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"Its Giving Christmas" is a meaningless phrase often used by people who shield a meaningless term in a sensible way, knowing it actually means nothing. While phrases such as "its giving bozo" and "its giving cher" are often used in Gen-Z slang in the English language, the term "Its Giving Christmas" means (quite literally) nothing.

Oftentimes in popular culture, people do not understand that "Its Giving Christmas" does not mean anything, so they will be extremely irked as they try to figure out what the hell people are referring to.
"Wow, life is great. I'm so satisfied with how I understand every inside joke my closest friends make and it really brings me together with the group" -Zachary

"Damn, that guy on the New Haven Green... Its Giving Christmas" -Sophia

"I hate my life" -Zachary
by Miles Bridges Fan 00 May 8, 2023
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if ur a watermelon lovin monkey man ur prob related to Quan dale dingle, The og of goofy ahh uncle productions.

if your giving goofy ahh uncle productions then some1 is saying that ur not slaying like at all. L. anway u suck dick and it basically means ur a homo. Nothing wrong with lesbian porn or gay sex tho.
hoe 1: " ur currently giving Goofy ahh uncle productions, you monkey."
hoe 2: well, ( bc hoe 1 uses it/ suck my huge balls self pronouns ) its giving Goofy ahh uncle productions and suck my huge balls self, u should kys. like rn u fucking retard. "
hoe 3: " ooga booga"
by quan daledinglilyton October 26, 2022
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