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If people are unemployed, they make up a conspiracy theory that's insane and the "truth", never mind that it makes no sense. This will give them attention, and if they get lucky, they'll get payed to write a book about their theory, making them some money to pay their electric bills.
The illuminati controlls us all!

by Bas April 8, 2005
iPod nano = waste of money. $199 for a 2GB player? Or $179 for a 4GB Zen Micro? Or pay a premium $250 for an iriver H10 that has 150% more space and a nice design as well?
I know which one I'd pick. Hint: it isn't the Apple product. God, I hate Apple, and the arrogant bastards that own the iPod. You know your product isn't very good when one of the major arguments for iPod's greatness is that it's expensive.
Most conversations with iPod fanboys go like this:
Person 1: "Check this out! I bought an iPod Nano! I'm soooo cool!!!!11!'
Person 2: "You moron, there's cheaper, and higher quality players out there."
Person 1: "You're just jealous because you can't afford one! Nanananananana!"
*a piano falls on person 1's head*
by Bas September 8, 2005
1. "Get an A grade or else you ganna be screw up!" by strict asian parents.
by Bas October 31, 2013
Climbing (usually tall) buildings, without a safety harness. Extremely dangerous, since falling from great heights isn't good for your health.
Look at that guy climbing that huge building! Urban climbing looks really dangerous.
by Bas September 6, 2005
Number 1 fashion accessory for unemployed conspiracy theorists around the world!
The illuminati was scanning my brain, but not since I got this tinfoil hat!
by Bas April 8, 2005
Bawler, Player, Pimp, Willy
Someone with money or status in the neighbourhood, a player or bawler. Who has allot of girls around.
by Bas December 18, 2004