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A new instant messenger made by google. There isnt really much to it. Google is going for a clean almost feature-less interface. That said, its still better than aim.
Noob1: DOOD, lyk there r lyk no defining features that make google talk significant yet.
Noob2: SDFU! Everyone wanted it, now we have it.
Noob1: BLEH
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A Hedgehog that used to be cool, until he went 3D.

In 1993 a cool cartoon actually spawned from the sonic universe, it had a dark plot and everything. Then one day it disapeared. After that and S&K there have been no good ideas.
Sonic the Hedgehog

Old School Gamer: DR. EGGMAN!? WTF!!?

reet: Dr. Eggman is a luser sonic owns him all the time. ZOMG AND SHADOW IS GOING TO HAVE A GUN IN HIS NEXT GAME!! ITS GONA TOTALLY OWN HALO!11

Old School Gamer: I would like to meet the people responsible for this...
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