VoIP (voice over IP - that is, voice delivered using the Internet Protocol) is a term used in IP telephony for a set of facilities for managing the delivery of voice information using the Internet Protocol (IP). In general, this means sending voice information in digital form in discrete packets rather than in the traditional circuit-committed protocols of the public switched telephone network (PSTN).
VoIP calls can be cheaper than standard phone calls
by Neil McGovern November 27, 2003
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The sound of a lazer shooting at So-and-so
"Kristen, you look burnt, or DEAD!"
"I miss, Kristi....na..."
"I have a crush on every boy!"
"wordDag, yo./word"


wow, what a time waster! ^^
by SHUTTATRAP! August 25, 2003
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the sound a lazer makes.
"VOIP!" now Kristen is burnt or Dead.
I miss Kristina
by scooby April 3, 2003
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Similar to yoink,it is the abrupt stealing of an object. The owner of the stolen object is baffled for a second and then realizes his/her object has been stolen.
"I voiped Matt's pants."
by Daric April 26, 2006
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Chatting on your mobile phone while at the urinal.
"Dude, sorry, about all the background noise flush I am on a Voice over IP (VOIPI) phone.

Ring, Ring (put down the paper) Hi Honey, can I call you back I am on the Voice over IP (VOIP) phone.
by tmcgove January 12, 2008
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