A slang term used to describe a retard. Official meeting places include wal-mart and Career center. Primary retards in history include Tim Allen, Ash Ketchum and Spencer.
God that goofie is retarded as hell.
Spencer you goofie!
by Porkchoppy McMoose January 10, 2005
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Tyler Drew Ward. A child with tourettes and spaztic capblites. He is somewhat adorable . But crazy goofy.
Tyler: Yay! my plan worked!
Me: Goofy (:
by lelebabiii November 12, 2011
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A weird, retarted person. Usually a skinny blonde girl.
See Emily Cook. "Hi, my name is Emily Cook. I'm retarted!"
by Pwnage February 14, 2005
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A Lame A$$ N*gga that people take as a joke.
Killa: Aye You see That Goofy Ass Nigga Over There
Pimp: Where
Killa: Right There
Pimp: Oh..... Yeah
Killa: Let’s go Take his Shit
Pimp: Say NoMo
Goofy: You Guys Chill
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by Crazy_Loc1 February 03, 2018
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"Goofies" are what you call any group of people. It can also be used to describe the type of people in a group. "Goofies" is used the same way rappers use the n-word, except it is not racist and is more playful.

Characteristics of "goofies" include; stupidity, ignorance, lit, haters.

"Goofies" can literally refer to any group of people, no matter what characteristics they hold.

The popularity of the word "goofies" is traced back to the Buffalo-rapper, Lil Burbi. Lil Burbi adopted the term from Chicagoan drug dealers, who use the word to describe an ignorant or stupid customer. Burbi put his own meaning to the word by using it to refer to any group of people.
Calhoun: "Yo, you tryna go bool with some of the guys from school down at the basketball courts?"
Burbi: "Nah, them boys is a bunch of goofies."
Calhoun: "Word!"
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by Ya_Diggg April 05, 2017
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