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To be so drunk that you are pucking in everything but the toilet, and passing out.
"Look at that guy, he's so goodalled"

"Dude i was well and truly goodalled last night"
by Rancid227 September 08, 2008
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The act of catching a fart in your hand and throwing it in the face of a friend or foe....
The name is in reference to famous primatologist, Jane Goodall. It implies that Jane learned many bad habits from her chimpanzee friends while living amongst them all those years. One habit being the tendency to defecate into her hand and throw it at others.
While my bother is playing video games I like to fart into my cupped hand and throw it in his face and scream, “You just got Goodalled bitch!”
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by Showstick September 25, 2018
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