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A Goobert is someone who doesnt know what's going on (usually in a conversation)

Origin: Galway,Ireland
A:I hate Him he's so annoying!
A:NO!I'm talking about David!Your such a Goobert!
by flare 114 June 13, 2006
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A quirky, funny and adorable wife or girlfriend. A term of endearment towards all the personal traits that only a husband or boyfriend would find funny.
A: Darling, what are you doing?
B: Watching TV with my two favourite dog print cushions

A: I love you, You're such a Goobert
by Bunny Kings April 26, 2012
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A really good kid and all that has a high coolness rating and can make any person laugh.
On a cruise, the goobert constantly caused a green eyed girl to laugh her head off.

The goobert was the big cheese at his local high school.

The goobert caused the girl to laugh when he opened his eyes super wide.
by Goobert22 June 19, 2013
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A Goobert is sexy and cute and cuddly and he is so playful and happy and can always find something to do or occupy himself. He does not like french fries or lettuce and will pick the meat out of a whole hamburger. A Goobert is usually very short and stocky with an under bite and very sexy lips. His penis is most likely, fuzzy and balls are always big. His face and ears make him look like a bat, you might think him to be a secret under cover super hero. A Goobert is mainly carnivorous and will not take anything butt. A Goobert will always be happy and excited to see you by shaking his entire body. Some may say that a Goobert looks like a moo or a (cow).He is kind of gay but that's okay because he doesn't even know it he just a pupple-up. A Goobert is always happy. A Goobert is usually very silky and sexy and handsome. He gives licks. And will warm up and nuzzle up to your body at night cuz he loves you. He usually likes to chill or take his g naps in a pup cave or under a bunch of blankets, the more the blankets the better.
Goobert Pup Land Service Hole Goober Gubz Gubinz Gubins Gubiulous Maximus Gubiulous Goobins Gubs Pup Land Service Hole
by GoobertPupLandServiceHole September 18, 2013
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A pederast who gets into all kinds of zany and wacky trouble with the law.
That person is such a goobert, he pederized my child.
by Chris Crowbody March 02, 2008
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