A man who engages in sexual activity with a boy or youth; a man who is engaged in an erotic relationship with an adolescent boy; a practitioner of pederasty.
A: What's a pederast, Walter?
B: Shut the fuck up, Donny.
by Roth Vantage December 31, 2021
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Its a bulagarian word fo a gay person in a negative way
This pederast stole my parking spot
by dimo yoda 6000 May 28, 2019
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A Bulgarian word that you can call your friends with. It means homosexual-looking guy.
Pederast takuv!
by krisko manqka April 16, 2021
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A pederast stache refers to creepy moustaches often worn by pederasts. Now, it is important to make a distinction here: Pederasty refers to actual, physical relations of a sexual nature between a grown man and an adolescent boy. Pedophilia simply refers to love of adolescent children. Getting a mental picture? Good.

While somebody may have a pederast (super fucking creepy) stache, that doesn't necessarily mean they are a pederast, but the chances of them being a pederast may be a little higher.
Brent- "Wow did you see the pederast stache on that guy?"

Tom- "How could I miss it? It looked like a dead ferret stuck to his upper lip."
by ShaneWood January 12, 2012
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