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Goo Guy: A member of the Sigma Goo Fraternity who wears inordinate amounts of under armour. i.e. backpack, shoes, coats, arm bands, head bands. Goo Guys have also been known to work out on a regular basis and do so wearing cut offs.
Hey look its Doubek the biggest fucking Goo Guy on campus.
Doubek please don't touch my stuff, you're such a Goo Guy you'll get goo all over it.
Nate's gooing out so hard today he's leaving a trail of goo behind him.
Gross the doorknob has goo all over it, Doubek must be in there!
by Goo Hater November 11, 2009
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When somebody does something nice they are googuys. This is similar to good guys, but a hybrid of the two words together. It is the opposite of baguys. The plural form of goodguys is googi
Rusty is always nice to Nica. Since Rusty is always nice to her Rusty is googuys. Nica isn't nice to Rusty very often and so she is a baguys
by isfeld November 02, 2011
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