the coolest CG character ever to be in any movie. also the coolest person ever in a movie, the coolest guy in LOTR, the books and the movie. i have a 36 inch talking cardboard stand up of him. it rules so much! ive basically memorized all his lines, and have even met andy serkis, the guy who played him. one of the coolest guys of all time.
gollum will kick your ass down to hobbiton
by Local LOTR Lover February 19, 2004
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1. n. Character found in the book 'Lord of the Rings'. See also Smeagol.

2. n. A person who is very keen for marriage, usually a woman.

3. v. To desire something intensly.
Alice is a nice girl and all but shes a bit of a gollum
I'd gollum a pizza right now.
by matthew szwec November 10, 2007
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Verb - to jealously protect anything of seemingly insignificant worth
John sure is golluming that code, he won’t let anyone else work on it.
via giphy
by atarimae January 11, 2016
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handsome and wonderful character of lord of the rings, he's got a capital importance in the movie. I just love him, he is the true hero of the film and he deserves better than pity!
Gollum, stop bitting my finger! (frodo)
by smeagol January 31, 2004
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A guy who lives with his mom, has no job, no car, no life, and no prospects, yet still thinks he's better than you.
Obssessed with hanging around you and constantly trying to impress you with things you know he hasn't done.
"Did you hear that Bob was talking about how he was gonna go to New York this weekend?"
"Yeah, right. The guy can't even afford a bus ticket. He's such a gollum, he's probably gonna ask me for a ride."
by daboz April 28, 2003
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a strange midget resembaling peter stamp who gets pleasure from stroking his ring.
hey pete what u doin,.......ARGHH PUT IT AWAY!
by C January 09, 2004
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Horny crack head who sucked on Frodo's finger all night long (since Frodo has no cock)
by FAG GRENADE July 24, 2004
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