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The art music of several cultures most notably European, American, Arabic, Chinese, Indian and Japanese.

The difference between popular music and classical are in there nature and composition. Classical often using intricate arrangements, professional trained singers and lush complex orchestral works.

It does not only mean European art music from the first half of the 16th century to the late 19th century, thats called ethnocentrism and should be condemned along with the notion that people stopped making classical music in the 20th century. I suggest looking up Ludovico Einaudi, his work might not be so complex as Mozart but he plays the piano like a possesed man.

I would like to note that i love classical music myself for its complexity and sheer utter beauty, but i condem most people who think its a way to be better then the common people. There are no common people there are only people who strive to be, and learn about themselves and those who fear what others think about them.

And stop bitching about RAP, i do not like the music genre myself but you can not expect someone with a brain the size of a nut to comprehend anything more complex then simple beats and a stupid excuse for poetry. If you condemn something you are just showing how close minded you really are. For example Pink Floyd and early Metallica made music that is just as beautiful and complex as a lot of classical music pieces. You do not hear how complex Metallica is because your brain can not handle the speed at which it is played.
The classical music buff pities the punk for not being able to enjoy the complex beauty of classical music, and the punk condemns the classical buff because he will never be able to feel the rush of adrenaline going through him. I laugh at both of them when i switch from the Talking Heads to Ludovico Einaudi.
by crowscream June 30, 2006

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adj- the state of being curious, but in some form of homosexual or queer context; generally used in regards to thoughts on other people.
"I saw two guys walk into H&M together and leave together the other day. I'm queerious as to their sexual preferences and if they were a couple."
by CrowScream December 11, 2013

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To sit in some kind of seat while concentrating on texting/chatting on your cell phone and making various small but awkward noises. (e.g. snickering, giggling, huffing, audible but non-understandable words, etc.)
"What's Tracy doing?"
"Oh, she's golluming in her chair. Just ignore her."
by CrowScream February 01, 2013

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Arch rivals of the clockcrew they hate the clocks and there leader strawberryclock and would do anything to destroy clocktopia and there friend B the occasional war and blood feuds have let to a bitter animosity between the two factions
SIR !!!
yes pinneapleclock
the lock legions are attacking
oh no arm all clocks

I joint the locklegions so that i can do something about that darn clockcrew
by Crowscream April 02, 2005

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