A white guy trying to be asian. Arised from the movie "Dragonball Evolution" in which Goku, the main character based on the popular Japanese manga, was played by a white guy which was suppose to be of asian decent (in my opinion anyways). lol
Dude, you're a Goku!
by kitnam April 19, 2009
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The star of DBZ the super cool star of DBZ who rulez!
by Goku fan November 28, 2003
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1. a character from Chinese legend, the monkey king from Journey to the West, who is widely known and parodized in many ways.

2. The most famous parody of the monkey king who is the protagonist of the japanese cartoon Dragonball/Z. He's not the brightest crayon in the box but is known for being extremely loyal and hella strong. Will kick evil ass if not out to lunch. Is married and has two kids.
Judging from the black eye and broken limbs, I'm guessing someone went Goku on you....


Judging from the empty pantry and excessive amount of dirty dishes, I'm guessing someone went Gokuh on you....
by your mom last night July 02, 2005
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Goku is the Monkey Prince, in one of the oldest myths in the world. There are many anime characters named after him, the more famous ones are Goku of Dragonball Z and Goku of Genosomaden Saiyuki.
by Whispering Hope May 23, 2004
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The main DBZ character that died 3 times and came back to life 3 times, turned into a super sayjin, and killed Freeza, Buu and borly. He also fucks Sailor Moon in various hentai pictures.

He is also hated by Vegeta.
Goku is one hardcore dude
by Pissjug September 08, 2007
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A word referring to the hairstyle(or the people wearing the hairstyle) worn mainly by the Italian-American young men(who think they're in the mafia) that fashion their hair with gross amounts of styling product to create a virtual Italian Afro; looking like their wearing a spikey haired helmet. Thus resembleing the character "Goku" from the Dragon Ball Z series.
Tom: Hey, look at that "Goku" over there, he thinks he's a tough guy or somethin.

Friend: Yea, those Italians.... That hair style is so played out.

Tom: He looks rediculous.
by AJK47 February 22, 2007
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