To power up like a saiyan goku while forcing out a poop.
"Dude I'm so backed up right now, so I think I will go goku."
by Dont_be_that_guy January 23, 2015
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Goku is the Monkey Prince, in one of the oldest myths in the world. There are many anime characters named after him, the more famous ones are Goku of Dragonball Z and Goku of Genosomaden Saiyuki.
by Whispering Hope May 23, 2004
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A word referring to the hairstyle(or the people wearing the hairstyle) worn mainly by the Italian-American young men(who think they're in the mafia) that fashion their hair with gross amounts of styling product to create a virtual Italian Afro; looking like their wearing a spikey haired helmet. Thus resembleing the character "Goku" from the Dragon Ball Z series.
Tom: Hey, look at that "Goku" over there, he thinks he's a tough guy or somethin.

Friend: Yea, those Italians.... That hair style is so played out.

Tom: He looks rediculous.
by AJK47 February 22, 2007
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The main DBZ character that died 3 times and came back to life 3 times, turned into a super sayjin, and killed Freeza, Buu and borly. He also fucks Sailor Moon in various hentai pictures.

He is also hated by Vegeta.
Goku is one hardcore dude
by Pissjug September 08, 2007
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Character in the anime Saiyuki...means 'one who sees the effemerable nature of life'. He likes to eat a lot and his quote is 'I'm Hungry'. He is the strongest person on the show
by dave February 26, 2005
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