21 definitions by Dante

One who is heavily built, muscular.
It's not Fat, it's all muscle!
by Dante April 9, 2003
The act of, or the process of, converting a normally heterosexual thing or being into one of a homosexual nature.
"'TheAssassin has entered the Chat.'

The fascification displayed in this room is simply shocking."
by Dante April 14, 2004
To fist a woman while Knockin da boots.
Dude, she loves it when I knockfist her in the johnny.
by Dante February 1, 2005
Masses cheesy grossness that accumulate around the foreskin of the poorly hygeniec and uncircumsized (smegma or dick cheese)
I would have went down on him, but it was covered in pecker cheese.
by Dante March 8, 2005
A complete idiot who's convinced he has street cred. Dumb enough to stand up to the twin sons of Sparda.
Cloud Strife is a total Initial C.
by Dante April 11, 2005
synonymous with "musical temporal continuum"... The ephemeral quality of sound and it's momentary nature, how music effects your inner being
The melodious nature and harmonic rhythms of this soulful piece are very effluvient.....
by Dante November 30, 2013
blowin your load all over someone just to make a point.
I'm gonna give that bitch the nut blast, and I won't even feel bad about it.
by Dante September 19, 2003