Character in the anime Saiyuki...means 'one who sees the effemerable nature of life'. He likes to eat a lot and his quote is 'I'm Hungry'. He is the strongest person on the show
by dave February 26, 2005
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Monkey that was born from a magical rock and attempted to take over the heavens. Traveled with a pig, a water demon, and a Bhuddist Monk in search of a sutra in the Chinese novel: The Journey West.
The only thing Goku ever says is "I'm hungry".
by Ryudo December 12, 2003
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An anime char from DB, DBZ, and DBGT. A powerful but dumb as a hick hero and fangirls love him so much they write unlikey yaoi relationships with vegeta?
Goku did'nt finnish off cell.
by anime fan December 30, 2003
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A character from the well-known series Dragonball (Z, GT, Kai)... An alias of Jesus, in popular culture, but his popularity is actually very overrated.
Person: Hmm... What's another name for Jesus?

Retard: GOKU!

Person: ...no, I seriously wanna know, you retard.
by Ami-chan August 01, 2010
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Famous monkey boy Japanese legend and, who is revered by otaku fanboy geeks, is the main character of the original DB and DBZ. His saiyan name is "Kakarrot", although only the true geeks refer to him by that handle. DBZ is one of the most famous manga/anime series ever, especially in the United States. He turns into a huge-ass ape when he looks at the moon and won the runner-up award for "Most Constipated Looking Anime Character", only second to the ruthless Vegeta.
Goku: Vegeta!! These Senzu beans give me a funny feeling in my stomach! I think I have to shit!
Vegeta: Deal with it. The saiyans on planet Vegeta had to shit in ten times the gravity of this puny, miniscule planet!!!
Master Korin: You didn't take those laxatives, did you, boy?
by kaio ken x4 February 02, 2009
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A Dragon Ball Z Character that is used in so many reasons, He has a massive appetite. He can also beat Thanos ("dildo boi") He can beat superman as well.
by buttholeinface69 August 25, 2019
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