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the act of watching sports games on some sort of portable device, while sitting in an academic class
While in Genetics class, Matthew and Thomas were goffing on the computer to NCAA March Maddness.
by MTAHTOTMHAESW March 19, 2009
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When one suppresses a laugh at someones stupidity, usually resulting in a weird disgusted sound. Sometimes it sounds like one is hacking up phlegm.
Chloe: "I feel so smart today :D"
Saxton: "-GOFF- I mean uh yeah, you're always smart."
Chloe: "Are you goffing at me?"
by chlophtimus December 02, 2008
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Being intentionally vague about something obvious.
Person 1: "Hey why does it smell like blueberries and pics in here? And why is there a bald midget with a baby bonnet in my dresser drawer?"

Person 2:"Hmm there might be a smell, yeah."

Person 1:"Wait what?"

Person 2:"There are things happening right now."

Person 1:"Stop fucking goffing and explain yourself."
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by Holla@yomayor June 25, 2016
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