A Godwin is a noble, loyal, and well respected character. Not only is he wise he is humble and gentle hearted, but do not be fooled by his humbleness, he will take appropriate actions if need be. A Godwin strives to have the best life he can for himself, Family and friends . If you find yourself a Godwin, be careful not to lose them, because you’ll regret it .
That Godwin is a cool guy

I need to find a Godwin
by TheIntelligentElephant September 1, 2018
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-A being of absolute peak performance that excels in all that he does. He embodies the values of Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, and Compassion.

-Also very strong

Synonyms: Samuel Robinson, Lenord, God, cluck
"He is Godwin the alpha male!!!"
by Godwin fan July 18, 2021
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How on earth are all these definitions allowed to be on here?They're absolute rubbish! Godwin is a certified G and a bonafide stud and you cant teach that. His only disadvantage is that he blows people away with his razor sharp wits and dashing looks.
Godwin will go down in History
by MarkDaManShark February 4, 2018
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The only person to to fall in love with every single girl on the planet and to be the biggest simp
person1:Hi Godwin!
Godwin:hey Baby
by emaly2223 November 7, 2020
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Typically used on internet chat forums, to Godwin a thread or topic is to somehow make reference to Nazi Germany, or Nazis in general, which has the effect of derailing the thread and completely changing the intended subject.
Carman34: Acuras are better than BMWs.
SexyDude: I disagree, BMWs are better cars than Acuras.
xTroll69: BMWs have their roots in Nazi Germany.
Carman34: That's not true, the Nazis preferred to...etc etc
SexyDude: You just totally godwin'd this thread! Good work!
by barfy June 9, 2006
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vt. To invoke Godwin's Law by associating something or someone with Nazis, Hitler, or Nazi Germany.

Then he Godwins the discussion by associating the suppression of intelligent design research with Nazis.
by joachim April 21, 2008
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To compare one's opponents to Hitler or the Nazis during an argument. A verbation of Godwin's Law.
Soe godwinating idiot on the forums said that Hitler would have used Slackware. It really shot the thread all to hell.
by sciurus September 12, 2004
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