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Feeling so awfully sick to ones stomach, it could only be the result of God hating you. Usually associated with flu like symptoms.

Can also be associated with any day that has gone so badly you feel as if it's the wrath of God. Like being arrested, or having to tell the family you got fired.
Dude 1: Oh hells, I almost shit my self just now, and my stomach hurts so bad, I think God is punishing me.

Dude2: man, it sounds like you are Godfucked.
by Taipain January 16, 2013
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Shoving ones penis into his asshole whilst screaming "OH GOD"
Steve: did debbie tell u what sandy's boyfriend FRED did the other day?

Rick: nope; what happened?

Steve: Fred God Fucked himself at the beach yesterday when he tripped over a rock!

Rick: dayyyyyymn bro
by Renegade69 July 25, 2016
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Exactly what you think it is. When His holy cock descends from the clouds, parting them as if they were repelled by a giant electromagnetic field, to plummet into your anus at breakneck speed, shattering your pelvis. Your entire being has been penetrated and is being raped by the holiest of erections.

Also occasionally used as a metaphor when a situation is so fucked up, only God could have done this to you. When every single thing in your life is going catastrophically wrong.
Dave has 3 exams this week. Three hobos stole his laptop fucked it in his car and totaled it and then raped them when he tried to get it back. Then the police arrested him for being a fag.

Dave says, "Jesus fucking fuck my sweet ass. Fuck this fuck everything fuck my fucking urethra everything fucking sucks this is fucking godfucked."

John says, "Blessed be the holy cock of the Lord. May His cock bring you new life. Also yeah your're pretty fucked right now."
by randomcsdude August 30, 2016
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