1. Someone who eats a lot and/or quickly.

2. Slang for a turkey (bird) because of the sound they make.
Bandit is such a gobbler, his food is gone almost instantly!

In Muskegon we have many gobblers (turkeys) roaming around looking for food. Yum, Thanksgiving!
by Kahdlibber October 24, 2017
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A term used for a student at Lancaster university when visiting York for the Roses tournament. The student then gets a bit excited and proceeds to provide oral services.

1) Communal Area is a must.
2) Party Rock Anthem should be played for maximum effect.
3) "EVERYDAY I'M GOBBLING" is the catchphrase for said student.
Girl: *Comes up for air* "EVERYDAY I'M GOBBLING" *to the tune of party rock anthem*
Boy: Legend.
Boy 2: What a gobbler!!
Girl: *Continues to the task at hand (and mouth)*
by DrT09 May 28, 2011
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A promiscuous member of the male homosexual community; they are particularly renowned for paid sex acts in public toilet facilities.

The term originating in South Wales, they have become a particular scourge in the 2000s having been responsible for the rapid spread of herpes in the region.
Owain: "Fancy engaging in some gobbling tonight?"

Aled: "Don't touch me you filthy gobbler."
by leedshatesmumford May 05, 2009
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Someone, usually of Dutch decent who thinks the fastest way to Ketosis is gobbling down a Big Mac and fries, topped off with a Fillet 'o Fish
That dude Patrick, trying to get buff, but he's such a Gobbler
by Shatrick Ketoboy March 07, 2016
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An unusually long flap of skin that hangs from a girls kooter.
by jESSBRETT February 19, 2004
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A sexual act in which the male leaves a humongous hickey upon the female's neck, resulting in the female having an appearance of being strangled.
Dan: Hey did you hear about Jack and Katie last night?
Brady: No, I didn't what happened?
Dan: He gave her such a huge gobbler that I thought she had been strangled. She'll have to wear turtlenecks for a couple weeks

Example 2:

He gobblered so hard I think he popped an artery.
by DickZuba January 23, 2011
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Seasonal sandwich from Wawa (South New Jersey store equivalent to a 7-11) offered from about early November to Thanksgiving. It has turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce on a roll. It is like a whole Thanksgiving dinner you can eat on a roll.
Oh Snap! Wawa has their delicious Gobbler sandwich back!
by ohsnapitsjess November 01, 2009
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