Pronounced simularly to 'Alfred', removing the 'FR' sound. Good, strong, powerful and authorititive male Welsh name. Commonly a name given to a person of uniquely high coolness and respectability. Roughly translated it means 'He who is loveable'
Aled is soooo sweet.
by YoursTruly. June 23, 2005
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My lords! Dave has finally become an Aled
by al37430 March 30, 2008
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Honestly just the best person you will ever meet ever. Husband him immediately before every other person goes after him. Dab dab dab follow @aledjams on Instagram if epic gamer.
Gamer Girl 1: Have u seen the mad man Aled
Gamer Girl 2: OMG yes I love him I hope he wifes me.
Gamer Girl 1: Shut your bubblegum mouth and give up u got no chance with that human god
by Aled James October 30, 2018
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Named after a light-emitting diode (LED). This baby's name is given by parents, who after witnessing the birth of their child, had considerable lower aspirations for him compared to the time he was conceived. The realisation that his ability to "shine" will be short lived and need replacing within 5 years is the inspiration behind this gem. Aled likes to dress in feminine clothing and collect paperclips when visiting old people's homes. He is a believer of believing but will categorically not believe anything he believes. He's a very special lady.
Doctor: What will you name your beautiful girl? I mean son! *giggles*
Parent 1: Geez... uhh... Pff... Spanner?... Flannel?... Dip...
Doctor: Can I stop you there, sorry. It might be worth thinking about his.. best feature *bursts out laughing*
Both parents: ALED!
by Serenely Glad March 28, 2019
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An elite human being, funny as fuck, full time shagger, invincible
That boy is soooo ale
by Ffghjdssertyyuh April 11, 2020
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Shes an amazing friend or girlfriend if your lucky. Shes so sweet but you need to show her you love her, telling her wont cut it. If you date her show her off, kiss her, hold her hand, make her feel like shes the only girl in the world. Never let her go, youll regret it.
by Hi ily October 27, 2020
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A shitty little town in scotland. Sometimes retardedly known as "the ghetto".
normal person: hey there how are you?
alnessian: I'll break your fuckin' face in!
by RVR January 6, 2008
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