21 definitions by Angry Stockholder

A signal that gay guys use to signify they want sex in a public restroom.
The young electrician resorted to foot tapping every time he entered a men's room stall.
by Angry Stockholder August 21, 2019
A junction box is another word for two adjoining booths in a an adult theater with a gloryhole between them.
The young electrician had relations with a stranger in a junction box.
by Angry Stockholder October 29, 2019
Eating poop off a boner after having anal sex. The residual poop left on a Weiner after anal sex.
After a thorough fudge packing, the Young Electrician helped himself to his lovers fudge pop.
by Angry Stockholder July 8, 2019
A sex partner that moves around instead of being a passive recipient during coitus.
The young electrician enjoyed sexy and made sure the backfield in motion at the Gloryhole !
by Angry Stockholder February 2, 2020
To make something suitable for homosexual activity. To modify an object or structure for gay activities.
The young electrician craiganized the bathroom partition by using his hole saw to drill a hole for his weiner sucking and fudge packing pursuits.
by Angry Stockholder June 30, 2019
A member of the Board of a company that does not look out for the shareholders interest.
John was a board whore when he voted for the merger, knowing it would enrich him but stiff the average investor.
by Angry Stockholder October 6, 2015
Masturbating with such a volicity that the penis has a shine afterwards
The young electrician, when not frequenting glory holes, spent his time polishing wood with glee!
by Angry Stockholder July 17, 2019