A small city on the West coast of Michigan. A.K.A "Skee town". Claimed to be the beer tent capital of the world.
I'll be drinking tonight, in Muskegon, the beer tent captital of the world!
by Brett Collins July 14, 2008
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A turd left on any seat in your car by a person who broke your window to get in. Not to be confused with a "twin lake" which is left by a person who got in WITHOUT breaking your window (because you left your car unlocked).
"That muskegon had a lot of corn in it."

"I found a muskegon in my impala so I'm getting new upholstery"
by beev_bove_biv January 19, 2021
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A medium size town on the west coast of Michigan. An extremley poor town with a massive number of problems. However, Muskegon has a lot of potential to be a paradise, other than the mind numbingly cold winters.

The police of Muskegon County are widley known to be corrupt power trippers.
Did you hear about Muskegon?


by ACinskee January 15, 2011
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The shithole on the west coast of Michigan that thinks it has everything when in actuality its about as alive as a morgue, however that doesn't stop Muskegon or "Skee-town"'s residents from walking around as if they had they had sticks up their asses because that's cool there.
Bob 1: Hey man do you want to go to Muskegon.
Bob 2: Nah, Satan's asshole doesn't sound that good right now; I was actually going to get AIDS
Bob 1: Ah Ok, that does sound alot better. Can I come too?
Bob 2: As long as we don't go to Muskegon, sure.
by Former Muskegon Resident February 14, 2009
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A town on the west side of the state of Michigan. People from the "Skee" are generally retarded and/or inbred. The government is ass-backwards and intent on completely fucking up any real opportunities of advancement. If you are retarded or just plain stupid this is the town for you!
Hey do you want to go hang out in the Muskegon tonight?

Hell no! I'd rather stick a hot fork up my own ass!
by muskegonitesadly December 08, 2010
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Muskegon - it's a city on the west coast of Michigan about midway up the mitten ... it's west of grand rapids, north of grand haven, and south of whitehall.

Drinking is the only activity in Muskegon. The Local Government works tirelessly to destroy every event that might be remotely interesting, by over pricing permits, and choking out any profit local businesses could hope to make. there's a tax to live in muskegon proper. It's humorous because all of the surrounding areas are not taxed to live in, and yet, everything around muskegon is nicer than muskegon. the cops in the "Skee" as most of its douche bag residents lovingly call it, are Fat Lazy Stupid Bastards that believe that they are above the law. Every redneck, ghetto, hill billy, crackhead, meth addict, barslut stereo type can be found in ample supply here.

there's no real reason to lock your car though ... the thieves will just shatter your window ... so if you leave nice shit in your car ... leave the door unlocked ... then you might just have windows when you get back .... either way ... your shits gonna get stolen. every bar in muskegon is a shithole ... the only difference between the "upscale" and "dive" bars is drink prices and drink strength ... so if you're looking to party ... hit one of muskegons dive bars, sure... there's a good chance you'll get stabbed or shot ... but the drinks are cheap and you'd prolly get stabbed or shot at the nicer bars too.
"Hi! I live in Mushhkeegon ... sorry let me put my teeth back in and try that again ... Hi I live in Muskegon... it's a great place to find fresh Crystal Meth"
by Skullfuckomous October 05, 2019
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a very small town on the west side of Michigan surrounded by water where there are extremely large houses with a mass amount of old people with luxury cars and a high school named #1 educationally in the state despite its reputation for its students smoking massive amounts of pot and heavy drinking.
Whats there to do in North Muskegon? Nothing.
by Edgar Ganja February 28, 2011
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