Someone who dresses like a cowboy but completely lacks rancher skills and knowledge. This poser wears the hat and drives the truck but has no clue what to do with the cow.
It was clear from Paul's un-scuffed boots and spotless shirt that he was a goat roper.
by Plumtree Pru July 8, 2018
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Not to be confused with a "goat rope", a Goat Roper is an archaic term for a redneck. It lost popularity in the late 1900's, but has had a resurgence in popularity recently. A goat roper denotes someone who is a "hick", and/or clumsy and stupid. Usually said person works in the farming industry, but is not exclusive to this.
"That guy Bill is a real goat roper, did you see the spit stains running down the driver's side of his old, dented 1978 Ford F150 pickup?"
by Crazy Sven April 5, 2006
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Any male who doesn't really care if the sex is with a human or a four footed friend, esp. residents of Lehi Utah.
Zach is a such a goat roper, he didn't notice that Jane left his hick ass and put the goat in his bed last night.
by Tigthered August 11, 2007
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One who ropes goats soley for his sexual needs and desires often time found at petting zoo's owns rhine stone chaps who is found to be wearing his'fuckin boots' which are 2 sizes too big for the prupose of fitting thier hind legs in them and useing the rope for leverage to have his way with goats allowing him to feel as if it was a challenge. native to the area
Hey does J.T have a new girlfriend? nope he's just dressed up in his boots and rhine stone chaps to go to the zoo. wow what a goat roper!!!!!
by The land scaper!!!! September 22, 2010
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A wannabe cowboy who wears their boots over their pants, thus showing their ignorance of the purpose of the boots. They are more concerned with showing off how expensive their boots are, than practicality. (You wear your pants over your boots to keep snow, mud, and shit out of them.)
Why are you wearing your boots like a goat roper? Untuck them so the snow doesn't go inside!
by KatK November 5, 2007
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When you are learning calf roping, you can accidentally snap the calf’s neck with your rope. Goats are less valuable than calves, so a goat-roper is a novice who is required to practice on goats. (I learned this in Lubbock, Texas, back in 1977.)
Yes, I know he does a lot of repair work for folks in the neighborhood, but as far as I’m concerned, he’s no more than a goat roper.
by CorkyFrom14thStreet January 14, 2016
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A redneck who is known for tying up goats with rope to tape them
by Conwaydawg October 10, 2017
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