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A person who knows nothing about being a cowboy nor capable but acts one anyway. Highly likely to take it up the ass
" Way back I used to be champion cowboy of Ireland" " Shut up Rosco you wannabe cowboy! Champion butt pirate would suit you much better"
by Higgy August 28, 2017
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An individual, usually male, that attires oneself in Western Wear for the sole purpose of getting attention. Normally has no logical reason for said attire, as the individual in question did not grow up on a ranch, and did not have a career attempting to remain upright on an angry bull.

Usually spotted at "Line Dancing Night", other bars, or in major metropolitan areas trying to be "cool" hundreds of miles away from the nearest real "Cowboys".

Usually are going through an identity crisis and treat women like horse shit which they have never stepped in.

Identified by; cowboy boots, plaid shirt, t-shirt that has nothing to do with country at all, and a pre-requisite "Cowboy" hat. Big silver belt, The most desperate will also showcase a "Bolo" tie, which can be used to strangle the offending "wannabe".

Favors weak, tasteless, flaccid beer such as "Budlight" or "Budweiser" or "Coors".
"Look at that wannabe cowboy, the only heiffer he's touched today is that fat girl he's grinding"
by Zkskwlcjdksldkck March 15, 2018
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