A stalker; someone who constantly chaces or follows you but is unwanted and annoying
Man, this damn GNAT wont leave me alone. She keeps messaging me and i cant get rid of her!
by 2Sexxiie December 20, 2017
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Those evil looking things you see on the ceiling. On occasions you will see a gnat, get real close to so you can kill it, and then suddenly realise it's a moth! This is all part of the Gnats plan...It will now stick his menacing probe in any part of your body and you won't even realise.
Whilst you are chilling out listen to some David Bowie:

Peter: Have you heard Beauty And The Beast yet? It's in the Heroes album.
Stephen: AGHHHHHH!!!!!!
Peter: What is it?
Stephen: It's a gnat!!!! Get under the covers quick!
Peter: (heroically) No don't worry, I shall exterminate it!
Stephen: Oh you hero!
Peter: No, wait it's a moth.
by diamondmanizzle3 August 02, 2013
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litttle sucky boys
Rosie: Gnats are baby flies.
Olivia: Wait, really?
Aria: No, gnats are little sucky boys.
by kiwikweeen September 15, 2019
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The seed from a group of 6 or more middle aged men.
Chad swallowed a GNAT on the way over, and it actually wasn't horrible
by Roundmoundofpound April 27, 2017
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Gnat is the country/southern pronuciation of "good night".
"Gnat yall" Bob said.
by kc January 20, 2005
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