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Little pesky bitch's! The kind that no matter how hard you try to get rid of they just keep coming back! So you need to find the source to kill them little hoes!


Cleanest version for HOLY GRAIL of swear words: PUSSY, ASSHOLE, BITCH ETC...

He's such a GNAT!

Whatta GNAT!
Stop acting like an GNAT!
Freaking GNAT!
You're such a GNAT!

Pinche GNAT!

Ok, you get it... Right?
by mea2smiley August 27, 2018

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A person who is a "friend" on social media, (i.e Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat), but you really don't know them, who happens to like all your selfies, then one day they get the courage to comment on your pictures or have hopes you"ll send them a message.
Who is this Luke-E-Lou liking all my pictures? How the hell does he know me??
by mea2smiley March 22, 2017

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Like my cute man in Spanglish.. same as Papacito! The girls from LA call their dudes their VATOS! 🤴🏻❤️
I love my VATO-CITO!

Look at that handsome VATO-CITO!
by mea2smiley February 22, 2019

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Someone you creeps your pages -from time to time - nosey person - or someone interested in you - not always in a bad way.
I was being a Luke-E-lou and looking at all her pictures on FB.
by mea2smiley March 22, 2017

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