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An annoying bitch that won't leave you alone.
That gnat is driving me crazy.

Dude, help me I bought that gnat a drink and man did I make a mistake, because she won't get the hint now.
by Bob Ricard October 19, 2006

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To grasp your girl by the ears, pulling both ears out as far as you possibly can, while arching her back, pulled up and torwards you, as you stand fully bent ninety degrees forward with your cock dangling between her legs as you dip down to slip her the big one from behind leaving a silhouette of an elephant on the wall.
From a front view it looks like an elephant, one front set of legs and one hind set of legs, ears pulled out, her back fully arched up and the guy bent all the way over against her back, only seeing the girl from the front and a slong hanging like a trunk between their legs.

Oh, you should have seen it, I was hittin Amber dumbo and my roomate walked in and she jumped up and I about tore one of her ears off.

Whats wrong? My girls so upset she hasn't been able to get her Wednesday morning dumbo, beause I broke my arm.
by Bob Ricard October 16, 2006

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