1. A term for chill, chill wasn't chill enough so gnarsh was created

2. Also means absolutely nothing, the word can be used as something to piss people off.
Hey, whats up" " Gnarsh
by ZB,CM April 13, 2011
A world of warcraft player that DevilsPunish enjoys stalking.

Many players, mainly DevilsPunish have picture of Gnash's world of warcraft characters stuck all over their room and enjoy bashing off to these pictures daily.
DevilsPunish: Oh Gnarsh.. I'm juicing myself over you right now!

Gnarsh: Good, I love to know people are pulling off over me!! I'm 40 years old and enjoy chatting up kids on WoW!
by RBBMandem January 29, 2009
To Piss one's pants in enjoyment.
Man, that Roller coaster was awesome! I just Gnarshed Myself!
by maeno tanaka July 14, 2009
to lick or eat shloppily; associated with cunninlingus or analingus
i gnarshed on that creamed corn
by Conor Mc June 17, 2005
The act of composing lyrics or the melody to a song/songs while high.
The Beatles did quite a bit of gnarshing towards the end of their legacy as a band.
by UpTop November 21, 2011
to lick or eat sloppily, this could be taken two different ways: inviolving sex or actual food.
dude, i just gnarshed on those mased potatoes
by Conor Mc June 21, 2005