4 definitions by Conor Mc

to lick or eat shloppily; associated with cunninlingus or analingus
i gnarshed on that creamed corn
by Conor Mc June 17, 2005
this refers to the material that records (lps) are made of. many people believe that vynil sounds better than a cd when in prestine condition.
by Conor Mc October 25, 2005
a willy washer is when you pee in a urinal and some liquid (either water or urine) splashes back on you
dude i just went in to the bathroom and i got a total willy washer
by Conor Mc May 8, 2005
to lick or eat sloppily, this could be taken two different ways: inviolving sex or actual food.
dude, i just gnarshed on those mased potatoes
by Conor Mc June 21, 2005