Shelving a bottle of stones Original ginger wine while in the hand stand position and doing push-ups and glugging the whole bottle with your ass hole
Hey did you guys see that Shepard glugging the bottle of stones down the beach today
by Fuckstick May 4, 2020
To drink. An onomatopoeic word of the sound when somone swallows a drink.
by ssftable September 30, 2003
The sound that fish make at the end of very insulting (to someone of my form) jokes:
Dad: What goes "Miaow! Glug glug glug!"?
Me: A catfish.
My brother: What goes "Neigh! Glug glug glug!"
Dad: A seahorse! That was a good one!
by Goldfish United! February 26, 2009
The sound of liquid pouring out of a spout
The bottle of vodka was glugging as it poured into my shot glass.
by MannyS April 24, 2016
The act of someone giving a blowjob.
Hey baby, wanna come glug on my dick?
by b00mer12345 March 12, 2011
taking a large drink of liquid in one swallow
Eric took a glug of water and nearly choked when Rachel said "I'm a dainty girl, I don't take glugs"
by Eric Anderson April 20, 2005