The act of having sex on a kitchen table, classroom desk, or in a oven.
Dude i was totally glishing that guy in Pearcys room yesterday !
by yeeedawwgggg November 3, 2010
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Awkwardly cool and interesting, but not by the usual standards. So cool that it simply can not be describe with by any known adjectives such as the shit, awesome, or wonderful. Can be used to describe people, or any noun that gives anyone a slight feeling of euphoria upon sight and may cause one to forget what they're thinking. Mainly used when you have no clue to describe something cool.
girl: That shirt is so's glish!
by Chris M. Grant August 26, 2007
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A term used by regulars to the Adelaide lesbian club night called G-licious

Glish night vary in themes and have everything from live artists, spray paint, pole dancers, strippers, glow sticks and lolly pops.
I got so messy at glish!
Oh my, I don't remember what I did at glish! Whoops.
by sparkle pants April 10, 2011
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adj. describing something that is so dorky, nerdy, or simply uncool by conventional standards that it becomes cool in an interestingly subversive manner.
It is imperative that the direct object in question only have a questionable reputation by mainstream standards, and not be all encompassingly uncool.
"Glish" can be used to describe things (particularly music and movies), places, activities (specifically behavior), and people. When used to describe people it is generally to give the connotation that this is someone who is not traditionally attractive, and has a unique, unconventional beauty/hotness. It can of course just mean that they are quirkily cool.
Adam Brody (and other nerdy-cute boys)is so glish!
by Kate Cohen August 14, 2006
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(noun) Gastrointestinal distress, specifically diarrhea. Often used with "the", i.e. "the glish".
Man, I spent the whole day on the shitter with the glish.
by Quinn Ward March 31, 2006
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The type of language (including acronyms) one uses online or in text messages.
Although his English is very good, his e-glish is just awful: he didn't know what LOL stood for.


I would definitely have to say he is e-glishly challenged.
by Dr Toms Breezin April 2, 2010
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Ben-glish is a style of text speak that was invented and has been used whilst in communication with contemporaies for a number of years. Ben-glish takes the most phonetic attributes of the english language and deconstructs them into a hodge podge mish mash of syntax and subtext

invented after a mutual and concerned dissatisfaction with the english language and its limitations , it has been used on the walls and in the digital communications of the world for a while.

Also refers to a laziness when writing Ie cant be bothered spelling . usually sentences are structured like...

ben-glish rolls like this "yah yah we beez chur sofa setee, eyez hs deez tings n stf thtz nds 2 b taken 2 yah plce . wenneth shall we liase up in deez clurbz...or sm shit
by rdstar309z February 2, 2010
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