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Ben-glish is a style of text speak that was invented and has been used whilst in communication with contemporaies for a number of years. Ben-glish takes the most phonetic attributes of the english language and deconstructs them into a hodge podge mish mash of syntax and subtext

invented after a mutual and concerned dissatisfaction with the english language and its limitations , it has been used on the walls and in the digital communications of the world for a while.

Also refers to a laziness when writing Ie cant be bothered spelling . usually sentences are structured like...

ben-glish rolls like this "yah yah we beez chur sofa setee, eyez hs deez tings n stf thtz nds 2 b taken 2 yah plce . wenneth shall we liase up in deez clurbz...or sm shit
by rdstar309z February 2, 2010
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