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Acronym for "Sex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminist". A person who espouses to be a feminist but who does not believe that women engaged in ANY form of voluntary sex work should be included in the fight for equality, especially in employment or salary parity. This rabid exclusion of an entire class of women is usually a belief based on misplaced uptight morality.

See also TERF.
That SWERF quit talking to me about helping in the fight for equality for all woman when she found out that I escorted for a living.
by Quinn Ward November 03, 2014

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(noun) Diarrhea, esp. stools that are very liquid and under higher than normal ejection pressure. Most often used as plural and with "the", i.e. "the dirty squirties"
"Dude, those tacos I scarfed last night gave me a major case of the dirty squirties today."
by Quinn Ward March 31, 2006

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(noun) Gastrointestinal distress, specifically diarrhea. Often used with "the", i.e. "the glish".
Man, I spent the whole day on the shitter with the glish.
by Quinn Ward March 31, 2006

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