When a man dons a strap-on posteriorly and proceeds to engage in vaginal or anal intercourse with two women at the same time with a back and forth movement. Variations include a woman in the middle, with or without strap-on, and participants of the befitting gender. Other conceivable combinations include any three trunks and a couple holes.
As Stuart trained in on the correct angles, Agnes and Phyllis found the parallel parking quite enjoyable.
by Cabot November 18, 2006
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When two men lay their penses on top of one another and stroke them at the same time.
Wow, that parallel parking job last night really hit the spot.
by Gusty_Aeroplane August 25, 2019
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June was in a bad mood: she wanted some parallel parking with Alec, but he had a headache.
by Dunky Oggins November 10, 2003
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what an asian driver just cant do, they should start a new reality show about this. they can build em but cant drive em
hey check this sorry ass drivers attempt at parallel parking
by douglas epley November 27, 2006
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when you are banging a girl so hard the bed slides across the room and rotates 45degrees
"Last night Jeff dominated her so good he parallel parked right next to the tv."
by tommy stizzle April 28, 2008
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When a guy tries to "park" his dick in a girls mouth horizontally, cheek to cheek. It's a tight space and there isn't always a lot of time to back up, pull out and then maneuver until you're all the way in so if that space doesn't work, find one that will.
"I know it's a tight space, but I always have to back up and pull in a few times when I parallel park. It's too hard to get it all in on the first try."
by Abscher1 April 26, 2010
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a vagina so cavernous that you can put your junk in sideways.
That girl is so wide, you can parallel park her.
by drdave88 December 8, 2008
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