When someone is doing really well in something (usually when they are doing better than what is expected of them), they are on smoke.
Tony: Wow. Daniel is on smoke today
Jason: Yeah, he's getting double the points that he'd usually get
by axLL April 6, 2021
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Simply saying one is acting like they have been using something that puts off smoke that will intoxicate them.
Whoa...look at that stupid fuck, he must be on smoke.

You crazy? Are you on smoke?
by Justin Sanchez September 9, 2004
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Beef, Trouble, Confrontation, Gun battle

Why you flexing boy, you don't want no smoke.
by MultiMillionaireLaFlare February 10, 2017
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No beef or conflict; to ask for peace or announcing surrender.
Guy #1- "We gonna fight or nah?"
Guy #2- "Nah bruh you got it ion want no smoke"
by big guwop December 23, 2013
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Physical or verbal conflict
Friend 1: "Hand me the controller bro, I wanna play you in 2K"
Friend 2: "Nah fam... you can't handle the smoke"
Friend 1: "STFU I want ALL the smoke ni**a"
by iamthesmoke November 1, 2018
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someone who doesn't want a problem or they don't wanna fight they're scary or sum and they don't want no smoke or basically a warning like i'm telling you that you don't want a problem (no smoke)
Man me and that nigga were finna fight but we didn't cause he don't want no smoke!
by nbayoungboy gff! January 24, 2019
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An activity that an avetard participates in 24/7. These dudes get baked on the daily and only think about the next time they will get high.
Yea, Froomie got more wax, we gonna smoke tonight.
by TurnM3Up January 23, 2020
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