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The act of Gladiating. Performed by Gladiators. May also be an ammusing replacement for words such as "owned".
The Gladiator must gladiate his opponent

"Hey, did you see that guy get hit by that van? He totally got gladiated!"
by Charles Hansen September 17, 2007
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To fight with a fiery vengeance towards an opposition
Person A: " Fuck yo couch bitch, I aint payin
Person B: "Then lets gladiate, bitch"
by Soiss January 18, 2009
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When a dude is receiving a blow-job from a chick and he nuts in her hair and he then procedes to style her hair in Roman-Centurian (helmet) fashion.
"Yeah dawg, you gonna gladiate that bitch tonight or what?"
by Tullio and Nick February 01, 2008
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