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Something that is cute and lovable, hoping to keep forever
I was walking down the street and saw this shin tzu, she was a total gizem.
by Jackson61 July 18, 2015
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"Turkish name"

Is the most amazing girl in the whole world. She has a sexy body with the cutest ass and has an extremely beautiful face. When your with her u get butterflies in your stomach. she makes u feel like your as high as the clouds and when your not with her its like you cant go on living

the beauty that's radiance shines brighter than the light reflecting off her gorgeous green eyes, not to mention sexy as hell!

incredibly funny ( when she feels like to be) and smarter than most of the girls. Has the best laughs, ranging from cute as a puppy to oddly evil :)
A: Dude, have u heard about that girl, Gizem?

B: Oh yea man oh yea, who hasn't, she is way beautiful!
by RRRWWWW February 12, 2010
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1- means mystery in Turkish.
2- a girls name.
3- the "g" is pronounced hard like:"girl"

Gizem is a beautiful name.
by holy_smoke September 18, 2008
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A Gizem is usually a turkish name for a bright girl with a nice attitude. She's also known for her warm, caring way. The best Gizem's are Gizem A's (A stands for awesome).
Also, Gizem's often have a nice Badonkadonk and know how to shake it.
"Look at that Gizem, she's SO awesome, she MUST be a Gizem A!"
"Gizem danced with me, she knew how to get that booty shakin'!"
by MoreGab March 20, 2007
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Flattest human ever. Nothing to see. So loud and has buck teeth that make you want to puke whenever you look at her. Ugly. Secretly no one likes her
Why is she so annoying. Must be gizem
by Ella McKinnon May 28, 2018
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