When a penis is shoved so far down your throat , it gives you a headache .
I was giving brain to Zae last night. My head is still throbbing !
by BootyCheekSwole93 September 28, 2019
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It’s when you get a can of beans and heated up in Mach 10 and land in a African village (preferablly ookagawlahawsha) and shove it up the local gay mans ass (can opener is already up there) and pull it out and throw it in a cathedral and the citizens run and you go and retrieve and it is brain.
Giving brain - poop baby satchel brain
by Nae nae baby April 16, 2019
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i swear down dat sket tishaniqua will give brain easy like bruuuuv
by itsme22987654 January 7, 2017
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The definition of I give brain is another phrase if sucking dick
I give brain :Sarah- so honey what should we do tonight in bed

Jim- maybe you could give me some brain
Sarah: unbuckled jims pants whipped out his cock and sucked it like a blow pop
by Lil d.e.x January 28, 2018
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