A slang term for "Go faster" usually referring to vehicles, but can refer to autual people.
"That lane just opened."


"I think the cops are onto us."

by Bchops July 19, 2009
'You've been going out for ages! Haven't you given her one yet?'
'Out of ten, I'd give her one... hur! hur!'
by MarkDallas June 22, 2007
to fuck a girl so hard that she crys
Dude she's been bad. You better give her the onion.
by give her the onion September 26, 2015
to have sex, an obviously articulate male's way of putting it. Originated in The Catcher in the Rye.
How'd your date go last night man?
Awesome, we drove up to lookout point and i gave her the time in the back seat.
by lauren February 22, 2005
A saying used to encourage ones actions in any given situation.
Greg: I can't get it up I'm fuckin toasted man
Brody: Give her the corn bro! Do it for the boys!
by JeffGOLDbloom May 31, 2017
To have sex with a female. ie give her the cock, slip her the sausage, etc.
Man, look at Stacey, I wanna give her the steak.
by Adrock July 17, 2004
Term for the consummation of a sex act. Origin from Andrew Dice Clay (I think).
We had fun last night...I gave her the malt and fell asleep.
by staccato brainstem February 12, 2005