An unnaturally bulbous and heavy penis head, causing the shaft to perpetually bend towards the floor. This bending occurs at all times, even during erection and usually presents all sorts of problems when being blown.
When Kim was attempting to blow me last night, I accidentally bruised her forehead and gave her a black eye with my Girth Hammer! She concussed shortly thereafter...
by Girth Himself January 25, 2009
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An incredibly thick penis. Because of the extreme thickness, there are no condoms that can contain this massively wide unit. In order to have intercourse, one must wiggle their dick like a worm for several minutes to burrow in even the loosest of vaginas.
Did you see Philip's girth worm? It was huge!
by Flip Flossy June 28, 2012
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When a persons size means they take up more than their allotted space
That lady should buy 2 train tickets her girth slipped all over me
by Mikerak January 7, 2015
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The Girth Test is a form of measuring the girth of, or circumference of, a man's penis. When you run out of toilet paper and begin to jerk off, you stick the empty tube on your penis. If the tube fits and your cock slides right in, you have failed. If you can't fit, you passed.
Larry: "Hey man, do you know what the Girth Test is?"
Bob: "No, what is that?"
Larry: *holding empty toilet paper tube* "Let me show you..."
Bob: "What the fuck..?"
by Optiv November 25, 2019
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the circumference of you cock
"Charles, what's your cock girth?"
"I'm not telling or showing you unless you're one of my hoes, bitch"
by drkittydeath May 6, 2007
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Used when referring to a large set of breasts.
A: Damn dude did you see Jayce’s Girth monkeys last night?!
B: Yeah dude they were buckin!
by Giggittygiggitygoo February 9, 2019
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The unit of measurement used to determine the girth of an object or person.
Person: "Hello, I would like to ship a package."
UPS: "Could you please tell us the weight and girth of the box?"
Person: "Umm... The weight is 18 pounds, and the girth is.... 3."
UPS: "3 what?"
Person: "3... Girth units."
by forevercha0s November 10, 2010
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