a slang for a person, whether a heterosexual female, gay male, transvestite or transsexual, who prefers their sexual partner(s) to have a THICKER-than-average penis. This is a variation of the term size queen with emphasis not simply on the penis size but instead the penis girth. A girth queen may use penis girth as a major or single factor in determining a suitable partner & actually turn down sex with a potential partner if they are not thick enough or a pencil dick as they exclusively have sex with guys who have fat and/or wide penises.. The premise of the preference for girth is that a fat thick meaty penis stuffs & stretches their pussy, asshole and/or mouth and gives them a "full" feeling which cannot be replicated by a skinny penis. Note that though girth queens love girth, which is the circumference of the entire penis (measured around), they may also express love for men who may not be overly girthy but have a very wide penis, which is the diameter of the entire penis (measured across) as the pressure and full feeling can still be achieved due to the thick width.
Niyla Styers: I saw Sara Jay take Shane Diesel in a BTS from a porn shoot and she was fucking loving it

Duante Amorculo: That's no surprise dude, she's a notorious girth queen, she LOVES big fat slabs of man meat stuffing, stretching and filling up her pussy. she's a legend

Niyla: i would love to try something a lot thicker and fatter than you, i need something super meaty like what Shane, Shorty Mac, Mike Adriano, Manuel Ferrera, Xander Corvus, Eric Everhard & Danny D got, those guys have the fattest cocks around.

Duante: well sucks for you, you're stuck with my thin skinny bony pencil dick lol
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Hell yeah girl, I girthed it down last night but I did not swalllow.
by greendavison0811 August 16, 2011
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Another term for the condom that you keep in your wallet.
(Like how a birth certificate proves your birth, a condom can prove your girth)
My friend not only keeps a copy of his birth certificate in his wallet, but he also carrys a girth certificate with him at all times...just in case.
by Bloodied Shadow April 4, 2018
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The girth monster is a penis that is small in length but large in girth (8-12in) with the pubes cut into a flattop .
Also called girthzilla, girthakazoo, granddaddy's girth, girth daddy, grandmaster girth, girth girthy goo, girth brooks, gurgly girth, and the Chicago grandslam
My girth does the job

Did you see coach over there with his girth monster blushing out of his pants
by Girthmonster March 20, 2015
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Penis has limited length but substantial girth
Manny is a Girth Warrior
by void nz February 18, 2015
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