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Uh, lets be clear about this. The whole "queen" lingo lexicon was created in the gay community. A size queen is a dude who digs the massively huge penis, forsaking all others. Any reference to a woman being a size queen is great, but a secondary definition.
Dennis has a small pee-pee and Bruce, the size queen she is, would never put up with that shit.
by dudedigger January 27, 2004
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The term size queen is slang for a person, usually a gay male, who prefers their sexual partner(s) to have a larger-than-average penis. A size queen may use penis size as a major or single factor in determining a suitable partner'

A person who has sexual relations exclusively with guys who have large penises.

A homosexual male or heterosexual female who is attracted to men with larger than average penises
Neal, "We really should introduce Angela to that new boy.

What do they call him, Fuschia?"

Bob, "Oh, you are soo right; after all, she is such a size queen! Such a naughty boy."
by Pretty Boy October 04, 2011
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A person who sinks to their knees in the presence of a gloriously huge cock. Actions that follow as a result of such obsession often include licking, sucking, slurping, head bobbing, deepthroating, gagging, glugging, nut gargling, turkey slapping, facials and swallowing.
Katie: "OMG Becky, you're such a size queen! This is going on Snapchat!!"
Becky: "Shut up Katie, you know you want it too!" *slurping*
by couldntthinkofausername February 12, 2017
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Women who like their sexual partner(s) to have a large penis
Person A: "I tried getting with Jenny last night but she said I'm too small."
Person B: "No duh dude. Didn't you know she's a size queen?"
by Notasizequeenlol July 31, 2011
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An individual (usually a hoe) that judges a guy based on if his penis size is pornstar grade or bigger. Anything smaller than that is too small for their taste. This preference usually cums from watching an unhealthy amount porn and stretchin themselves out with an ungodly sized dildo. What they been watchin in porn is what they now think the standard size is in real life. In other instances a woman's got a giant clam between her legs and a foot-long or more is the only thing that will satisfy them sexually. Size-queens will usually find their kinda meat abundant in the porn industry, horse farms and sometimes in the hood. Yeah' you know what i'm sayin...
Loser 1: Yo man why is little Kim always hookin up these big tall dudes and not me?

Loser 2: Man, forget her she's a damn size-queen bro!
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by RojoDog February 18, 2018
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