When a pregnant woman has an abnormal feeling of excessive growth & weight gain overnight seemingly to have gained pounds of weight and inches to her torso.
Girl: "Damn baby how you feeling these days?"
Pregnant girl: "I feel like I gained 5 damn pounds last night in my sleep."
Girl: " I remember those days. That's a Girth Spirt."
by itookmymedicine June 13, 2009
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A very inflated Penis.
wow hes got a girth storm in his pants!
by Gball boys November 9, 2017
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The name of the man who wins at life using his extremely vascular and thick cock. Cock could be used a blunt object and a throat fucking could easily become attempted murder. See Omari.
"I am the Girth Warrior " Omari said while brandishing his thick long cock at the city of Los Angeles. This was his favorite rooftop for the sunrise brandishing.
by Throatbaby November 19, 2020
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Dude, look at that girth worm. It looks like it crawled out of a steak brain!
by vealteen March 15, 2010
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Daniel is the pinnacle of an alpha male. With large bulging biceps and dark luscious hair, he is easily one of the most attractive men to walk the planet. Immensely intelligent, he was able to discover the truth... that there is no spoon and that we do indeed live in a simulation, controlled by AI far beyond our current technology. He lives each day questioning his own reality and walking the line between fate and free will. And if the legends are true, they say he once clapped his balls so hard, he wiped out the universe and restored it to a previous version of The Matrix...
Joe Mum: I wish Daniel Girth was my fella...
by saint_jon February 7, 2022
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A group of desperate teens with an incredible amount of girth but not length
Jenna the Girth Scouts are here!”
by LilDongle February 28, 2019
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